Northern District Auditions - Albert Xu Honorable Mention

Knabe International Competition - Genevieve Cheng and Albert Xu, semifinalists

WMTA Hartman Awards - Albert Xu, 1st Place in 4th-5th grade


NVMTA Concerto Competition Festival - 

Albert Xu, 1st Place (4-5th graders)

Keira Cheng, 3rd Place (6-7th graders)

John Williams, 3rd Place (8-9th graders)

Jonathan Atughonu, 3rd Place (8-9th gradeers)

Victoria Xiao, Honorable Mention (6-7th graders)

NVMT Skills Day - SUPERIORS for Albert Xu and Blaire Zhao

Knabe International Piano Competition - 

        Albert Xu, Semifinalist

WMTA  Viola Hartman Competition - 

​       Albert Xu, 3rd Place (10 year olds)

NVMTA Theory Mastery Day - High Score: Chloe Lee (101%)

      Superiors: Anthony Chen, Mark Dang, Celina Liu, Erik Mai, Chiara Ng, Sophia Yung, Rachel Zhu

      Excellents: Ruthie Chian, Andres Chian, Aidan Liu, Cyprian McIntosh, Victoria Xiao, Blaire Zhao

NVMTA Fall Festival - Superiors: Julia Cheng, Andrew Chian, Ruthie Chian, Aidan Liu, Cyprian McIntosh, Victoria Xiao, Blaire Zhao, 

Spring Festival - 

      60 Point Trophy - Anya Faruki

      45 Point Trophy -  Zoe Lu

      30 Point Trophy - Julia Cheng

     15 Point Trophy - Mya Taheri, Cyrus Taheri, Sarah Gu

     Superior Ratings - Anthony Chen, Julia Cheng, Keira Cheng, Ansrew Chian, Ruthie Chian, Mark Dang, Anya Faruki, Sarah Gu, Danny Johnson, Aidan Liu, Zoe Lu, Erik Mai, Cyprian McIntosh, LeiLei Middlebrook, Olivia Phelps, Cyrus Taheri, Mya Taheri, Victoria Xiao, Albert Xu, Blaire Zhao, Rachel Zhu, Nicholas Zhu

National Guild Auditions - 24 performers

     10 Piece Programs - Anthony Chen, Julia Cheng, Isabel Li, Cyrus Taheri, Mya Taheri, Oliver Yung, Sophia Yung, Rachel Zhu

NVMTA Skills Day - Belinda Li (Level 6 - Superior),  Blaire Zhao (Level 7 - Excellent)

​​​​​​Competitions and Festivals     

Alumni of the Kosutic Studio participate in various events and have garnered prizes in the following: State Auditions of Virginia Music Teachers Assoc., Northern District Auditions, Rotary Club, Washington  Area Asian Music Competition, Washington Music Teachers Assoc. (WMTA)Viola Hartman Competition, WMTA Bartok Competition, WMTA Margaret Frank Specialty Competition, Northern VA Music Teachers Assoc. (NVMTA)  Judged Recital, NVMTA Bach Competition, NVMTA Concerto Festival Competition, Mary Smart Competition, NVMTA Excellence in Music Scholarship, Springfield Music Club Competition, Gonzaga High School John Philip Sousa Presidential Scholar Award in Music (scholarship), Royal Schools of Music National Auditions, National Guild Auditions, Trinity Guildhall Exams,  and regularly participate in Fall Festival, Spring Festival, and NVMTA Theory Mastery Day.  Alumni  have been accepted into prestigious music schools such as Johns Hopkins Peabody Music School, Indiana University School of Music, Catholic University of America Rome School of Music, The Ryder School of Music, James Madison School of Music,  among others. 




NVMTA Concerto Festival Competition - 

​        Victoria Xiao, 1st Place (Grades 4-5)

          Nicholas Zhu, 3rd Place (Grades 4-5)

          Blaire Zhao, 3rd Place (Grades 6-7)

Mary Smart Competition - 

​          Anya Faruki (Alternate)

NVMTA Theory Mastery Day - 

​        Brandon Sang-Zheng, High Score

          Superior Ratings: Anthony Chen, Andrew Chian, Anya Faruki, Celine Liu, Erik Mai, Brandon Sang-Zheng, Cyrus Taheri, Mya      Taheri

Skills Day - ​Superior: Belinda Li, Excellent: Blaire Zhao

NVMTA Fall Festival - 

          10 Superiors: Julia Cheng, Belinda Li, Alex Mai, Stephanie Ma, Cyrus Taheri, Mya Taheri, Gabrielle Wang, Victoria Xiao, Blaire Zhao, Nicholas Zhu

Spring Festival - 18 Superiors - All Superiors

          45 Point Trophy - Anya Faruki

          30 Point Trophy - Blaire Zhao

          15 Point Trophy - Victoria Xiao

​National Guild Auditions - Timothy Anna, Julia Cheng, Anya Faruki, Sarah Gu, Aidan Liu, Celina Liu, Zoe Lu, Stephanie Ma, Alex Mai, Ayson McIntosh, Natalie Ng, Cyrus Taheri, Mya Taheri, Gabby Wang, Victoria Xiao, Albert Xu, Blaire Zhao, Nicholas Zhu, Rachel Zhu
2016 - 2017

NVMTA Concerto Festival Competition - 

​          Cynthia Ma, 2nd Place (Grades 6-7)

          Blaire Zhao, 2nd Place (Grades 6-7)

          Albert Xiao, 3rd Place (Grades 6-7)

          Krithi Chakrapani, HM (Grades 8-9)

          Victoria Xiao, HM (Grades K-3)

WMTA Viola Hartman Competition

          Victoria Xiao, HM

Mary Smart Competition

           Zoe Lu, 2nd Place

NVMTA Fall Festival - Superior Ratings

          Audrey Anikeeff, Julia Cheng, Portia Dai, Zoe Lu, Alex Mai, Gabrielle Wang, Victoria Xiao, Albert Xiao, Mya Taheri, Leah     Zhang, William Zhang, Nicholas Zhu

Royal Schools of Music National Auditions

           William Zhang, Krithi Chakrapani

National Guild Auditions -  ​Belinda Li, Sarah Gu, Zoe Lu, Victoria Xiao, Gabby Wang, Albert Xiao, Blaire Zhao, Nicholas Zhu, Timmy Anna, Julia, Cheng, Angelina Kim, Alex Mai, Mya Taheri, Cyrus Taheri

 NVMTA Skills Day - Superiors

            Blaire Zhao

            Belinda Li

NVMTA Theory Mastery Day

          Angelina Kim, Theory High Score (101%)

            Albert Xiao, Perfect Score (100%)

            Superior Ratings:   Danny Johnson, Ayson McIntosh, Mya Taheri, Cyrus Taheri, Albert Xiao, Victoria Xiao, Leah Zhang,                       Angelina Kim

Spring Festival - 23 Superiors

           45 Point Trophy - Timmy Anna

           30 Point Trophy - Belinda Li

           15 Point Trophy - Nicholas Zhu

2015 - 2016

NVMTA Concerto Festival - 

          Alex Mai, 2nd Place (4-5th Grade)

          Nicholas Zhu, 3rd Place (K-3rd Grade)

          Belinda Li, HM (4-5th Grade)

WMTA Viola Hartman Competition - 

         Blaire Zhao, HM (4-5th Grade)


         Cynthia Ma and Albert Xiao participated in a public masterclass for teachers of NVMTA led by Marjorie Lee, Rosita Kerr Mang, and Andrew Horowitz.

National Guild Auditions - 

       10 Piece Program: VIctoria Xiao, Zoe Lu

         8 Piece Program: Belinda Li

         7 Piece Program: William Zhang

NVMTA Theory Mastery Day - 

          High Score: Albert Xiao

          Superior Ratings: Julia Cheng, Portia Dai, Zoe Lu, Mya Taheri, Mingmei Williams,Albert Xiao, Victoria Xiao, Leah Zhang, William Zhang

NVMTA Fall Festival - 14 Superiors

Spring Festival - All Superior Ratings - 23 Superiors

        30 Point Trophy: Nicholas Bayer, Belinda Li

          15 Point Trophy: Karmen Agnihotri, Audrey Anikeeff, Julia Cheng, Alex Mai, Lei-Lei Middlebrook
2014 - 2015
Rotary Club Competition

          Peter Bayer, 3rd Place
WMTA Viola Hartman Awards -

          Jonathan Kan, 3rd Place (6th Grade)
          Blaire Zhao, HM (4th Grade)
NVMTA Concerto Festival Competition  -
          Olivia Ma, 1st Place (4th and 5th Grade)
          Tammy Ding, 2nd Place (4th and 5th Grade)
          Nicholas Zhu, 3rd Place (K-3)
          Jonathan Kan, 3rd Place (6th and 7th Grade)
          Avy Zhao, 3rd Place (8th and 9th Grade)
WMTA Bartok Competition
          Nicholas Zhu, HM
NVMTA Judged Recital
          Blaire Zhao, HM
NVMTA Theory Mastery Day Test

          High Score - William Zhang

Spring Festival - 27 Superiors
*Congrats to Peter Bayer, he was accepted at Peabody Music School at Johns Hopkins, and at Catholic University​
2013 - 2014 
NVMTA Concerto Festival Competition

          Blaire Zhao - 2nd Prize (K-3)

          Krithi Chakrapani - 3rd Prize (Grade 6-7)

          Peter Bayer - HM (Grade 11-12)
WMTA Hartman Awards

          Blaire Zhao - 3rd Prize (K-3)

          Cynthia Ma - HM (K-3)

          Jonathan Kan - HM (Grade 6)
NVMTA Theory Mastery Day Test

          High Score:  Ian Cassell
National Guild Auditions

          15 Piece Program, Nicholas Zhu 

          10 Piece Programs: Alex Mai, Peter Bayer, Belinda Li, 

2012 - 2013
WMTA Bartok Competition

        Blaire Zhao - 2nd Place (Age 8 and under).  Blaire  played at the Hungarian Embassy as one of the winners.

          Frank Ding - HM (Level 4)

          John J. Mitchell - HM (High School Level)
NVMTA Concerto Festival Competition - Tammy Ding - 2nd Place Tie (K-3), Selina Cheng - 2nd Place Tie (Middle School Level)
WMTA Hartman Competition -

         John J. Mitchell - 2nd Place (11-12 Grade)

         Paul Bernstein - 3rd Place (11-12 Grade)

         Jonathan Zou - HM (Age 9-10)

         Blaire Zhao - HM (8 and Under)
NVMTA Theory Mastery Day Test - High Score:   Zoe Lu 
NVMTA Fall Festival - All SUPERIORS
National Guild Auditions - 10 Piece Programs:  Timmy Anna, Nicholas Bayer, Peter Bayer, Dora Xu, Caleb Yu, Blaire Zhao, Gordon Lee

*Congrats to John J. Mitchell, he was accepted at Peabody Music School at Johns Hopkins, Catholic University, The Ryder School of Music
2011 - 2012
VMTA DISTRICT STATE AUDITIONS - Kazune Kitani, 2nd Place in Commonwealth of Virginia
NVMTA Concerto Festival Competition - Emily Zou - 1st Place Tie
WMTA Hartman Competition - John J. Mitchell - 3rd Place (Senior Level) 
Trinity Guildhall INTERNATIONAL EXAMINATIONS - Grace Dobbs - Level 9
NVMTA Theory Mastery Day Test - High Score:  Caleb Yu
NVMTA Fall Festival -  SUPERIOR RATINGS:  John J. Mitchell, Peter Bayer, Nicholas Bayer, Emily Zou, Jonathan Zou, Timmy Anna, Blaire Zhao, Selina Cheng, Avy Zhao, Caleb Yu
National Guild Auditions -  10 Piece Programs: Peter Bayer, Nicholas Bayer, Caleb Yu, Zoe Lu, Krithi Chakrapani
NVMTA Spring Festival - 24 Superior Ratings
2010 - 2011

VMTA Northern District Auditions - Kazune Kitani, 1st Alternate
WMTA Bartok Competition - Emily Zou -  3rd Place, Emily performed at the Hungarian Embassy on the Winners' Concert.
NVMTA Concerto Festival Competition -

           Kazune Kitani -  1st Place (11-12 Grade), 

           Paul Anderson - 2nd Place Tie (11-12 Grade), 
Thomas Jefferson Orchestra Concerto Competition -  Paul Anderson - 2nd Place 
Washington D.C. Area Asian Music Competition -  Kazune Kitani -  HM in Senior Level 
Trinity Guildhall International Examinations -   Grace Dobbs - Level 7
NVMTA Fall Festival - Superior Ratings: Timmy Anna, Peter Bayer, Selina Cheng, Lydia Newlon, Daniel Vorona, Avy ZHao, Emily Zou, Jonathan Zou
National Guild Auditions -   10-Piece Programs: Peter Bayer, Nicholas Bayer, Caleb Yu, Zoe Lu, Krithi Chakrapani,

            Other Programs: John J. Mitchell, Barbara Lantz, Blaire Zhao, Paul Bernstein, Jonathan Zou, Timmy Anna
NVMTA Spring Festival -  All Superiors

             15 point Trophies:  Daniel Vorona, Timmy Anna

NVMTA Theory Mastery Day - High Score went to Caleb Yu (100%)

          Superior Ratings: Caleb Yu, Emily Zou, Belinda Li, Lydia Newlon, Peter Bayer, Paul Bernstein

NVMTA Fall Festival - Superior: John J. Mitchell, Peter Bayer, Nicholas Bayer, Emily Zou, Jonathan Zou, Timmy Anna, Blaire Zhao, Selina Cheng, Jenny Zhao, Caleb Yu
2009 - 2010
NVMTA Student Excellence Awards -  Su Jeong Kim - 1st Place
WMTA Hartman Awards -

            Kazune Kitani -  1st Place (Age 16-17),

            John J. Mitchell - 3rd Place (Age 14-15)
WMTA Margaret Frank Specialty Competition -  Kazune Kitani - HM
Gonzaga High School John Philip Sousa Presidential Scholar Award - John J. Mitchell 
Springfield Composer Competition

           Kazune Kitani -  1st Place (HS Division)

           Paul Bernstein - HM (Age 13-14)
Trinity Guildhall International Auditions -

           Samuel Dobbs (Level 8),

           Grace Dobbs (Level 6)
NVMTA Spring Festival - All Superior Ratings,

           30 Point Trophy:  Ann Rutt, 

           15 Point Trophy: Nicholas Bayer, Peter Bayer, Selina Cheng, Lydia Newlon
NVMTA Theory Mastery Day - Superiors: Timmy Anna, Nicholas Bayer, Paul Bernstein, JJ Mitchell

          High Score: Nicholas Bayer

2008 - 2009

WMTA Viola Hartman Awards - Paul Bernstein, 3rd Place (6-7th Grade)

2007 - 2008

NVMTA Bach Competition - David Polsdorfer chosen to play on finals recital